Ride for Good

Every year OUTspokin’ focuses its efforts on a few charity rides and events. While there are many other worthy causes and events — and OUTspokin’ members certainly participate in several of them — our club is more heavily represented at these featured events. Stay tuned for details!

Buffalo Bicycle Classic: September 10, 2023

This year we’re raising money for scholarships! The Buff Classic raises money for disadvantaged students here in Colorado, and we’re so excited to help. Join our team and crank out some miles for a great cause!

Triple Bypass Volunteering

OUTspokin’ has proudly and enthusiastically helped operate an aid station for the Triple Bypass  in 2021, 2022, and 2023. We love the donut wall, the hydration station, and all of the riders who come through the station. We hope to be there again next year!


B Strong Ride: August 13, 2022

This year OUTspokin’ is proud to support the B Strong ride. The B Strong Ride is a bicycle event that celebrates cancer survivorship and funds a complete year of cancer care at the Boulder Community Hospital Center for Integrative Care and also several other local cancer charities.

These organizations have deep personal impacts on people whose lives are impacted by cancer. Supporting them moves our riders and sponsors to super human efforts.

Courage Classic: July 21-22, 2018

We’re going back to our roots and riding in the 2018 Courage Classic, a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Colorado. This is the two-day ride that inspired our founders to create OUTspokin’ 20 years ago. Join us to train for this challenge, learn from seasoned riders, and experience what OUTspokin’ is really about.

Bike MS Aid Station: June 24, 2018 (to be confirmed)

Ever stopped at an aid station at a cycling event and felt really grateful for the fresh water and snacks? For the past few years, an enthusiastic crew of OUTspokin’ volunteers has staffed an aid station for this ride. Count on a fun few hours of setting up “shop,” cheering on riders, making our famous and unique “jungle wafers,” and getting lots and lots of smiles and thumbs up. Come be the person who hands out the life-sustaining goodies to other cyclists. This ride benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.