Credit Where Credit Is Due…

Photos and Video:

  • Erik Holladay-McCann, Holladay Photography
  • Pam Zaske
  • Julie Tolleson
  • Scott Schluterman
  • Aimee Shumard Irons
  • Virginia Richey
  • Bettina Schaden
  • … and various OUTspokin’ members, past and present. (We have done our best to identify photo authors. If your name should be on this list, please contact us.)

Thank you also to:

  • Maria Mendez, project management
  • Michelle Haarhues, historical research/technical assistance
  • Sue Foppe, Foppe Creative, technical assistance
  • Candace Maher and Melanie Scott, blog content writing/editing
  • … and the OUTspokin’ Board of Directors, who provided guidance and feedback.