OUTspokin’ Board of Directors

From the kick-off parties, the busy ride schedule throughout each season, the delicious BBQs, and the club’s fundraising, the folks below are the driving force behind all of it! OUTspokin’s board of directors is a volunteer board made up of members of our organization. Their volunteer status means that their focus will always be the well-being of our members. They work behind the scenes, year-round to keep the club true to its mission and its impact on the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado. With so many dreams and decisions, board members can’t be afraid to roll up their sleeves and serve as leaders of OUTspokin’.

If you are interested in serving on our board please review the document at the bottom of this page.

Current Board Members

Below are the members of the current Board of Directors. They are active members of our community so you’ll undoubtedly see them out on the trail, don’t be afraid to say hi!

[Updated: 03/01/2024]

Ryan King, Chair

Ryan has called Colorado home since 2000 and joined OUTspokin’ in 2017. Providing the opportunity to meet new people and stay active, made joining OUTspokin’ the ideal fit. “I’ve been fortunate to meet amazing friends and challenge myself with rides.” Ryan was new to the sport of cycling and found the OUTspokin’ group was fun and genuine. He quickly became an enthusiast. “The people with the club are fantastic and welcoming, I immediately felt comfortable with riding even though I had very little experience.  It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made to join OUTspokin’!”



Jim Judd, Treasurer

Bio Pending

Beth Wampler, Secretary

Photo of three women and a bicycle in front of the Louvre museum

Beth Wampler has been a member of OUTspokin’ since 2015. “I love the camaraderie—I’ve met so many great people. And OUTspokin gives me the chance to do rides I might not do on my own.” Wampler is an avid road and mountain biker, and has biked in Croatia, Thailand, Vietnam, France, New Zealand, and Scotland, as well as all over the US. She also published a short-lived but much-loved national women’s cycling magazine called Two-Wheeled Women. Beth hails from the Midwest but is sooooo glad to have called Colorado home since 1980.



Marni Schear, Board Member

Marni joined OUTspokin’ in 2017 after moving to Colorado from California to be closer to her family.  Her love of biking moved with her, and joining OUTspokin’ was a way to meet new people in her new home. Since joining, Marni has become a ride leader and works to encourage others to join the club. You’ll usually spot Marni leading green rides, ice cream rides, and gravel rides, so say hello!



Lori Hladik, Board Member

Bio Pending

Melissa Allen, Board Member

Person on a bicycle.

Melissa joined OUTspokin’ in 2021 in an attempt to stave off the loneliness and boredom of life during COVID. She took up biking as a more serious activity in 2016 after coworkers talked her into signing up for Pedal the Plains. The camaraderie and supportive nature of that ride got her hooked, and now OUTspokin’ offers a similar sense of supportiveness and enthusiasm, sending the message that there’s room for everyone when it comes to biking, and anyone can enjoy riding in the right environment. Melissa is happiest riding half-centuries and local bike trails at a modest pace, sometimes in jeans and a t-shirt.


Brendan Coffey, Board Member

Brendan has been a recreational cyclist since his days in college biking around Wilmington, North Carolina. Since then, cycling has gone from being a hobby to a lifestyle and a passion. He now participates as an activist for investment and policies regarding cycling as a form of transportation to participating in formal cycling events such as the Denver Century and the AIDS Life Cycle; Brendan is excited to join the board of Outspokin’ as a member at large to encourage new cyclists and help grow the community of LGBT cyclists in Colorado.




Board Member Application

Please contact us to find out about current and future openings.