Colorado is more than just mountain trails when it comes to biking. Sure, we’ve got peaks and valleys, but there’s a rich tapestry of routes that cater to every type of cyclist. In this guide, OUTspokin’ shares our top Colorado bike paths throughout the state. From city rides and serene park paths to the more challenging off-road trails, our list is as diverse as Colorado. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, strap on your helmet, and let’s discover the multifaceted biking landscape that Colorado has to offer.

Hygiene at Carter Lake Reservoir

This great plains ride near Longmont, Colorado includes a short climb to the top of the reservoir. Great ride for the early season, with somewhat of a climb. This a nontechnical ride that has half pavement, and half gravel. It’s a fairly rural route so be sure to bring snacks and water. Technically, the full length of the trail is 37 miles but it has two parts, making it easy to segment.

Gravel Green N Boulder

This easy trail takes you from the Avery Brewery around Boulder Reservoir to some plains to the North. It’s about half and half paved and gravel, and quite scenic. The total length of the ride is around 27 miles with two loops.

Dillon Reservoir Loop

Located in Frisco, Colorado, the Dillon Reservoir loop takes you on an 18.7-mile circle around the body of water. It is mostly paved, with substantial gains in elevation to pass over Swan Mountain, which takes you to the summit! There are crossovers here, so be sure to fuel up before. This trail is fun and scenic but can be crowded with pedestrians and hikers depending on when you go.

Denver Park Tour

This route is an easy Sunday Ride for Denver Cyclists. It’s 12 miled and meanders around three parks East of downtown: Washington Park, Cheeseman Park, and City Park. It’s a lot of fun to differentiate the different vibes in each of the parks, and there are plenty of restaurants and restaurants to stop in and make into a day trip! We recommend this one for a fun day out with friends!

Clear Creek / Ralston Creek loop

This enormous loop through Wheat Ridge takes you through several parks and rides the skirt of North Table Mountain. It weighs in at around 29 miles but passes through many urban areas to stop and fuel or rest up. We combined the Clear Creek trail and Ralston Creek trail to get your loop, so if you’re in the mood for something shorter, try either of the trails separately.

Lariat Loop with a twist!

This path is a club favorite! Located near Golden, Colorado this 36-mile loop is gorgeous. It’s also a pretty heavy-duty workout climbing 4,056 ft. This particular loop will take you up Lookout from Golden, up to Bergan Park via Mount Vernon Country Club, down Kerr Gulch, and up Grapevine at Idledale! Just stellar views.


Starting near Centennial, Colorado this trail takes you close to Parker, then over to the Hess Reservoir on a 28-mile loop. The path is paved for 95 percent of the time. This one features both gradual elevation gain and a couple of short but aggressive climbs, with the bonus of seeing the Hess damn!