How to Fix a Bike Flat Tire

Experiencing a puncture while on a ride is a common occurrence for regular cyclists. Although you can reduce your chances of facing this inconvenience by replacing worn-out tires, there’s always that lurking risk of a sharp object causing a flat. For those unexpected moments, it’s essential to be prepared. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fix a bike flat tire and get back on the road.

Begin the repair by shifting your chain to the smallest sprocket to ease the removal of the back wheel. Lay your bike gently on its non-drive side on a soft surface like grass to avoid potential damage. With the bike in position, fully deflate the tire. Insert a tire lever under the tire bead, working around the rim until one side is off. This will allow you to carefully remove the deflated inner tube.

Before installing the new tube, inspect the inside of the tire. If it deflated slowly, feel around the interior to identify any sharp objects that might have caused the puncture, such as thorns or shards of glass. Once you’ve ensured the tire is free of debris, slightly inflate the new inner tube to give it shape. This makes it easier to fit inside the tire. Insert the tube’s valve into the wheel rim, tuck the tube inside the tire, and work the tire’s bead back over the rim.

As you fit the tire, ensure the tube isn’t caught between the tire and the rim to avoid another puncture. Once everything’s in place, inflate the tire to the recommended PSI. Check the tire’s seating by spinning the wheel and ensuring it runs smoothly. If everything looks good, place the wheel back onto the bike, adjusting the chain and brake if necessary.

Lastly, always remember to secure any brake mechanisms you might have loosened during the process. Now you’re all set to continue your ride!