To avoid getting stranded on a ride, there are some basic tools to carry. The number of tools to carry depends on factors such as distance, riding conditions, number of cyclists, etc.

SPARE TUBE(S) & PATCH KIT: A flat tire is the most common issue that cyclists face, so having a spare tube or two and/or a patch kit could solve a blow out or a puncture.


Having two or three tire levers undoubtedly will help you remove the tire from the wheel. The number of levers can depend on your rim depth and hand strength.

A micro hand pump and/or CO2 cartridge with adaptor don’t take up much space. You will be glad you have these on hand if a tire is low or flat. Check out various types of adaptors as some you can control air flow. A koozy is recommended for the CO2 cartridge as it becomes quite cold.



Packing a multi-tool can solve many repairs. Some features to include are:
• a variety of hex/Allen wrenches
• a chain tool
• a Phillips screwdriver
• a flathead screwdriver

Having these tools on hand could prevent some riding mishaps.